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Key Points

In response to proposed Willamette River

Greenway Code Amendments...

  • Uncouple Willamette River Greenway amendment process from local implementation of HB 2001 (“Middle Housing”).

  • Establish a Willamette River Greenway Special Area Zone to protect the Greenway from development standards imposed by HB 2001.

  • Create a funded plan to purchase additional land within the Greenway and provide private property owners the option of local conservation easements.

  • Reject the proposed 2-track Willamette River Greenway permitting system, which serves to benefit developers.

  • Establish a minimum 100’ setback in addition to the existing 100’ setback requirement.

  • Incentivize the retention of vital tree canopy.

  • Protect historic public access points within the Greenway.

Please peruse these documents for more details about the proposed WRG Code Amendments and the WRG Setback map.

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