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Who are we?

Our team is our community

We are a group of neighbors who have come together on crucial issues of short-sighted, over-development in the River & Garden District, particularly in the Willamette River Greenway. Collaborating and networking with other groups and organizations, we work to protect, preserve, and enhance the beloved Willamette River Greenway. We have been actively engaged in educating and informing other neighbors and residents of issues and proposed projects that threaten the quality of life in our community. We do this through outreach, collaboration and endless hours of research. We engage in advocacy with various city & elected officials, planners, and leaders in our community. In addition, we provide oral and written testimony at public forums & hearings to inform, as well as discover, what can be done to save & steward this precious slice of riverside paradise.

As Eugene continues to expand it is imperative that we also expand our Parks and Open Space to support a diverse population of healthy families and strong communities, jobs and a thriving outdoor recreation economy. 

Fern Plant

We are working hard to say NO to out-of-state pave-n-run developers and YES to Affordable Housing, Parks & Open Space.


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Greenway Guardians.
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Cultivating a stronger community and protecting precious parks
and open space.
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