Who are we?

Our team is our community

We are a group of neighbors who have come together on the issue of short-sighted over-development in the River & Garden District, particularly along the Willamette River Greenway, and have been actively engaged in educating and informing other neighbors and residents of this threat to the quality of life in our city. We do this through outreach and endless hours of research. Some of us have met with various city officials, planners and leaders in our community and we have also spoken out in public forums to inform, as well as discover, what can be done to save this precious slice of parkside paradise, entwined between peaceful nature preserves and community gardens and to fulfill Homes For Good's promise of affordable housing in our neighborhood.

Why do we care?

Predatory, pave-n-run developers are back!

Evergreen Housing Development Group (Seattle based developers responsible for the Ecco Apartment project on River Road) are hoping to erect a new complex in our area.


The Lombard Street apartments project proposes 94 market rate (expensive) apartments and 127 parking spaces on the West-bank of the Willamette River.  


This proposal will:

  • pave over 3 acres of class 1 agricultural soil with impervious asphalt, making 127 private parking spaces

  • endanger pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists with excessive traffic implications on River Road, Lombard and Fir Lanes

  • negatively impact properties and services on Lombard and Fir Lanes

  • compromise a fragile and unstable ecological site and likely have detrimental impacts on the Willamette Greenway

  • violating "context-sensitive" design principles and diminishing neighborhood livability, while flagrantly disregarding compatability standards in our building code

  • add to Eugene's surplus of costly market rate vacancies while offering zero opportunity for affordable or low-income housing.

As Eugene continues to expand it is imperative that we also expand our Parks and Open Space to support a diverse population of healthy families and strong communities, jobs and a thriving outdoor recreation economy. 

Fern Plant

We are working hard to say NO to out-of-state pave-n-run developers and YES to Affordable Housing and Parks & Open Space.


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