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Eviscerating Willamette River Greenway Neighborhoods

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Eugene Planning Commission for the Greenway area is poised for extreme deregulation of Eugene's residential neighborhoods without any protection for lower-income renters, climate impacts, or impingement on adjacent neighbors.

Please take just 10 minutes to review a concise description of the code amendments that are proposed:

Then please take 5 minutes to join over 200 of your fellow citizens who have signed a petition for housing and climate justice to the City Council: The Greenway Guardians are in full support of this petition and are asking you to join the fight.

The City's so-called "Middle Housing" code amendments process is a looming disaster beyond the magnitude of anything we've encountered so far in Eugene. Sections of the River Road neighborhood are in the crosshairs of investors who are already beginning to buy large lots with low-value houses, especially properties that currently provide lower cost rentals. Their game is to demolish the house and build 4 to 8 detached dwellings for high-price rentals or sales, at the detriment of the neighborhood, city and environment. Many of the lots between River Road and the Willamette River fit the investors' pro formas perfectly.

There is much to do in this fight, but the immediate action is to get a massive response to the petition above. Please sign and spread the word through your networks. The petition campaign has set the following goals:

  • First week: 100+ signatures — Goal achieved!

  • Before EPC vote on January 25: 200+ signatures — Goal achieved!

  • Before City Council's first code amendments session on March 9: 500+ signatures

  • Before City Council's vote on an ordinance in April or May: 1,000+ signatures

Our experience is that hardly anyone we contact is aware of what's being proposed; and when they learn what's in store, they're angry and motivated to sign the petition and join the fight to protect our neighborhoods, our lower-income renters, and the climate.

You can learn much more about this issue by exploring the website at the links above.

If you would like to get more involved or learn more about how to help stop this travesty, please contact Paul Conte at 541.344.2552.

Thank you! Your neighbors, The Greenway Guardians



in support of housing and climate justice for the

Greenway neighborhoods and beyond

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