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They Want to Pave Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot??!

Evergreen Housing is proposing a 94 unit, 3-story, market-rate (expensive) Lombard Apartment complex with 128 parking spaces on precious Willamette Greenway open space.

This out-of-state, pave-and-run developer already has a poor track record of expensive housing in our community with more obscenely profitable schemes on the drawing board. ECCO apartments (River Road and Hatton Ave.) was built by Evergreen Housing for $17 million and sold to out-of-state investors for $31 million!

The shoddy ECCO complex has left a multitude of disgruntled neighbors with broken promises. Meanwhile, local officials are spending resources on creating solutions to preventable problems, leaving Evergreen Housing free to continue with their greedy plans while disregarding potential benefits to our local economy.

Although ECCO was built on private land, the proposed Lombard complex is public land. Public land deserves public process, but Homes for Good (formerly HACSA) is in the process of negotiating a sale of the land to Evergreen Housing to generate funds for a new palatial headquarters. A simple solution that creates a golden opportunity for our community: Jacob Fox, director of Homes for Good, sells the public land to our Parks & Open Space to add to the Willamette Greenway and initiate a public visioning/planning process.

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