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A Fox in the Chicken House


We are making progress toward saving the open space being threatened by the inappropriate Lombard Apartment complex on the Willamette River Greenway. It's time again to keep the pressure on our decision-makers to do the right thing. Jacob Fox, the director of Homes for Good (formerly HACSA--the public agency that currently owns this land), did not attend the land use hearing on the 27th to listen to what the community and our expert key speakers had to say. Please take a moment to send him an email. The public needs to be heard!

You can send the following message to Mr. Fox, or compose one in your own words. Feel free to use parts or all of our email below at your discretion.

Many thanks for your continued support and involvement!


Subject: Community Support and Homes for Good To: Jacob Fox,

Dear Mr. Fox,

The June 27 hearing on the proposed Lombard Apartment plan was exceptionally well attended and many legitimate and diverse concerns were voiced. Fred Wilson, the Hearings Official, remarked that he had never had such a large attendance at a hearing and was impressed by the respectful, civil conduct exhibited by the knowledgeable public. We wish you would have been there to engage in this very important public process.

We are concerned about the long-term impact of this proposed project on the reputation of Homes for Good in our community. Any dissatisfaction will be credited to your local agency, not the out-of-state developer. We care about the well-being of HFG's relationship to the community. We want a housing authority that we can feel proud of. Therefore, I urge you to not extend the purchase agreement (soon due to expire) with Evergreen Housing Development Group. Instead, please support a public process for this public land. By doing so, an appropriate plan for this land on the Willamette River Greenway would emerge. Homes for Good would benefit from the goodwill of the community, and in cooperation, could still achieve its goals. 

Thank you.

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