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ACT NOW: Resist, Persist and Assist!

Many thanks to hundreds of our community members, neighbors, Whiteaker Community Council, and members of the River Road Community Organization for help this past year in working to stop the egregious Lombard Apartment proposal (expensive, market-rate not affordable housing) in our Willamette River Greenway.

NOW is the time for quick, easy and crucial action! Please click below on the auto-email, requesting the Homes for Good board of directors to terminate the purchase agreement with Evergreen Housing Development Group and instead institute a public process for this precious public land!

The next board meeting is 1/30 at 1:30 – please send the auto-email by Tuesday evening. Think globally … and act locally NOW!



Subject: Prevent this proposed disaster TODAY!

Dear Lane County Commissioners and Homes for Good decision-makers,

It is within your power to immediately terminate the proposed Lombard land purchase sale agreement with Evergreen Housing Development Group. The community wants and deserves a public process for public land. Homes for Good has failed to follow Lane County’s policy for disposal of property.

Your action will prevent an egregious market-rate development in our precious Willamette River Greenway and permit a public process for public land.

Thank you!

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