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Elm Street? No...

Nightmare on RIVER ROAD!

Once a 2-lane country road, River Road was widened to a 5-lane high-speed thoroughfare, spewing large amounts of traffic onto it. The middle (suicide) lane is dangerous all along River Road. Adding excessive amounts of new traffic from an over-sized Lombard apartment complex would be a public safety disaster endangering pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

Ignoring the safety concerns at the pedestrian crossing at Fir Lane & River Road is irresponsible and should be illegal.

Pave-and-run developer, Evergreen Housing, would be leaving our community with costly consequences, both to life and limb as well as to our public pocket book. In addition, there would be costly consequences to private property owners on Lombard & Fir Lanes due to condemnation & eminent domain for street-widening.

Local officials have the opportunity to prevent this catastrophe!

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