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Evergreen or NEVERgreen?

A feisty and informed coalition of your neighbors and advocates for the Willamette River Greenway have spent all of 2018 strategically opposing corporate developers and their hired hands. Has Evergreen met their match in the Greenway Guardians?

Here's what's been happening. The Greenway Guardians are preparing to go to Salem on January 22, 2019, after filing a brief with LUBA, the state Land Use Board of Appeals. Briefly, the brief challenges the proposed market-rate (aka unaffordable) Lombard apartment development proposed by Evergreen, the Pave n' Run" corporation behind this careless proposal, on 3 major points: 1) Violating the criteria of the Willamette River Greenway; 2) Dangerously impacting traffic on River Road; 3) incorrectly calculating the net density for the buildings in their application. [To read the brief in its entirety, click here.] Sean Malone, a talented and experienced local land use attorney, filed this brief on behalf of the Greenway Guardians.

We need your help in this season of giving and goodwill! Please let your friends, family and neighbors know that we are still working to save this peaceful piece of land along our greenway from reckless overdevelopment. Please consider making a donationno amount is too small!—to help us pay for legal and filing fees. Please direct your loved ones to our web site and ask them to join in with their voices. Please talk to people you know and meet along the West Bank bike path and Maurie Jacobs Park. Together we can help to create the community we treasure, while protecting our precious Willamette River Greenway.

You can find more information about why this proposal is such bad news for Eugene and Lane County, as well as find copies of past Greenway Guardian newsletters, by visiting

Thank you!

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