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For What It's Worth

Stop people, what’s that sound? Chainsaws. Everybody look what’s going down… A 35 year old, 25 foot tall, majestic hedge of lush greenery is what's going down. Yes, another egregious action by Evergreen Housing Development Group. (See film here Unfortunately, some of our local businesses have agreed to perform the assaults on our community, such as Island Fence Incorporated and Rexius Despite this aggressive and needless action to the neighborhood, the Greenway Guardians continue to work—using our hands, our heads, and our hearts—to protect the Greenway and cultivate community by:

  • Beautifying the ugly chainlink fence erected next to the bikepath with poetry and artwork. 

  • Notifying the City of Eugene Building & Permitsand Public Works Departments via a formal letter, with documentation of the need for greater scrutiny of the permit applications by Evergreen, due to previous errors and grievances.

  • Engaging in the proposed improvement plan for the West Bank Bike Path, currently scheduled for appeal.

  • Exploring the possibility of a buy-back of Potter’s Field to restore the original vision for this precious land, which is still a viable and just alternative to the proposed shoddy and expensive apartments by Evergreen. The new proposal could include a mix of open space (as the land is entirely in the Willamette River Greenway) and context-sensitive housing for our most vulnerable populations, built with local labor being paid prevailing wages.

Stay safe while keeping your eyes, minds, and hearts open. With Love,  —The Greenway Guardians

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