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Gratitude To Our Greenway!

Our Earth sings beauty in Springtime, healing the soul and delighting the senses. There is no better time to meander along the Willamette River Greenway enjoying the blossoms, baby birds, and babbling riversong. Please consider taking a ribbon on your walk by Potter’s Field, the proposed future site of the Lombard Apartments directly north of Maurie Jacobs park, and honor the beauty of the land. Tie a colored ribbon to the grand maple tree and give gratitude for her beauty in a blessing, song, or prayer…

The Purchase & Sale Agreement has been finalized and Evergreen Housing Development Group of Seattle is now the legal owner of the site, but many steps remain in the permitting process that can impact the proposed project. During this time of dis-ease, the economic, social, supply chain, and labor factors can affect plans in a multitude of unpredictable ways.

The Greenway Guardians are committed to staying involved and actively participating in Willamette River Greenway issues, including the River Road- Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan. Comments and crucial questions have been submitted both to the Eugene Planning Commission and to the Lane County Board of Commissioners.

Finding balance in uncertain times—protecting the precious Greenway—allows it to continue to heal, nourish, and inspire all of us.

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