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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Truth rings out, clear and loud: “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over!!” and never is this more true than the community’s sustained advocacy to protect Potter’s Field from Evergreen Housing Development Group.  With infused energy from peaceful protesters and Evergreen’s need to postpone development due to our current times, we are seizing this timely opportunity to move forward the idea that the City of Eugene (with help from donations) purchase the land from Evergreen. This would allow a public process for public land – open space, affordable housing for vulnerable populations, and local labor may finally come to fruition!  Thank you for your continued support & involvement. With love & hope,   The Greenway Guardians


Read the Register Guard Article:

With many in our community having more time, please consider sending a Letter to the Editor at the Register Guard sharing your support. It can be a few sentences or up to 200 words maximum.

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