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Join the Road Show!

Your help with the Greenway Guardians has been key in making progress to stop the egregious market-rate (expensive rent) Lombard Apartment proposal in the Willamette River Greenway and initiate a public process for public land.

We are getting through and are making an impact! In addition to your influx of emails into the inboxes of the Homes for Good commissioners, several Greenway Guardians testified at the January board meeting of Homes for Good. This participation has elicited a range of comments from the board:

One Commissioner expressed concerns about the out-of-state developer’s reputation with “echoes of ECCO.” Another Commissioner indicated wanting to learn more about the City of Eugene’s interest in procuring this special parcel to perhaps add to Parks and Open Space. One Commissioner expressed the importance of having the greatest public interest values applied to this site. Another commissioner expressed appreciation for the staggering amount of informative emails recently received supporting affordable housing and Greenway values. And yet another commissioner dismissed the community concerns by telling us, "take your roadshow to the City Council"!


Friends & Neighbors, Let's keep going!

Your help is needed again now as we approach the February Board meeting, which we will be attending as we press forward with new testimony. Please take a moment to send an email with clear directive for a win-win-win proposal to the Homes for Good Board. You can copy and paste the text below or send an email in your own words to the officials at the addresses listed. 

And as always, THANK YOU for helping to protect and preserve our city's beautiful riverside Greenway. 




Dear Homes for Good Commissioners & Executive Director Fox,

We urge you to pursue a win-win-win solution for our community, Homes for Good, and the precious Willamette River Greenway by immediately terminating the Purchase & Sale Agreement with Evergreen Housing Development Group and collaborating with the community on the best use of this land. Pursuing the current plan will result in a lose-lose-lose by

a loss of Greenway open spacea poor reputation for Homes for Goodand the destruction of a neighborhood.

Thank you for supporting a public process for public land.

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