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The Greenway Guardians’ List for 2019


  1. Evergreen Housing Development Group, a corporate out-of-state developer, aggressively pursues approval to build 94 units of market-rate (expensive) housing on land located entirely within the Willamette River Greenway.

  2. The Lombard property has been owned by our public housing authority (Homes for Good, formerly HACSA) for more than 20 years in tax-exempt status while being slated for affordable housing. It is now poised to be sold to the private developer with a long track record of pave-and-run developments.

  3. To date, there has been a glaring lack of public process for this public land!


  1. The Greenway Guardians won a partial reversal (on net density issues) and remand from the Oregon Court of Appeals! The remand will be addressed by the Eugene Planning Commission on Monday, December 30 at 5:30 pm in the Sloat Room of the Atrium. 

  2. Community support (individuals like you, neighborhood organizations, & environmental groups) continues to grow for opposing this egregious project. For more than 2 years, extensive political and legal avenues have been pursued by the Greenway Guardians to work cooperatively on a public process for this precious public land.

  3. We will continue to work courageously for our community with your help and support! Please save 5 – minutes, not dollars— between Friday, December 27 and Sunday, December 29 to help us with a timely email action. More details to come… thank you!

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