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No Good for Homes

Greenway Guardians are headed to Salem today for the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) hearing on the egregious Lombard Apartment proposal approved by the City of Eugene. 

Additional controversial practices by the Lane County housing authority, Homes for Good (formerly HACSA), have emerged. It looks like Homes for Good and director Jacob Fox aspires to be as revered and respected as Saint Vincent de Paul and director Terry McDonald. Check out a short piece featured last month on KVAL.

Questionable practices that Greenway Guardians are currently addressing include HFG's policies concerning “land disposal” (sale of surplus land), establishing Good Neighbor policy, and transparency of transactions. Community members need a clear path forward to access justice and assurance of fairness.

Time, energy, money… We sincerely do need your help NOW!



Make a check payable to: ENI (Eugene Neighbors Inc.) with "Greenway Guardians" noted on the memo line

and please send it to: Greenway Guardians PO Box 25156 Eugene, Oregon, 97402

For donations over $25, a tax-deductible donation receipt will be mailed to you at your return address.

Thank you for your generosity!

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