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Resist & Persist!

Hello Friends of The West Bank Greenway!

he Greenway Guardians successfully filed an appeal on the Lombard Apartments proposal by Evergreen Housing Development Group on August 21st. Next stop… the Eugene Planning Commission!  

A hearing for the appeal is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5th, at 6 pm in Harris Hall.

Please stay tuned for details on how you can help this important cause in simple and effective ways.


     In contrast to the complete lack of public process for this public land, the City of Eugene recently hosted an affordable housing meeting for a proposed project further north on River Road, across the road from the disastrous ECCO development. Neighbors are being provided with many avenues to collaborate, co-create, and communicate with the emerging project. This type of public process helps to ensure success and support for the proposed project!

     Although Homes for Good (formerly HACSA) were not in attendance at the meeting, St. Vincent de Paul had several representatives- including the wonderful Executive Director Terry McDonald. He was able to respond effectively to neighbors’ hopes, dreams, and concerns. 

This is the essence of the Greenway Guardians’ efforts – to lobby for democracy and have a public process for public land. Thank you for your continued interest and support!

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