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Seeds of Change


A vote to terminate the Purchase & Sale Agreement is a vote for Affordable Housing and for the Willamette River Greenway. We urge the Homes For Good Board to make a motion at the March 27, 2019 Board meeting to terminate the Purchase & Sale Agreement for the Lombard site with Evergreen Housing Development Group.


We are heartened by recent community conversations that have yielded positive paths forward to meeting our shared goal of protecting the Willamette River Greenway and building affordable housing. Our efforts have been supported by learning that:

  • Homes For Good (formerly HACSA) has benefitted from having the Lombard land off of the tax rolls for more than 20 years because it was slated for affordable housing. 

  • The Lombard site is designated as a “preferred site” for affordable housing by the Oregon Housing & Community Services Dept.

  • The site is no longer designated in a floodplain zone by FEMA, removing obstacles to federal funding for affordable housing.

  • The River Road Neighborhood Plan reflects the overwhelming support by the community for Greenway protection.

  • The Whiteaker Community Council has issued an official letter to the Homes for Good board supporting efforts to initiate a public process for public land.

Springtime is time for new growth and beautiful changes. Thank you for helping to plant the seeds for a bright and just future in our community!


A filing with the Oregon Court of Appeals is under consideration.


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