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The Time Has Come to Send Public Comment!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Please also take a minute or two to send the following cut-and-paste message (or write one of your own) to the Hearings Official, as follows:


To: Subject: Submission to Hearings Official for Lombard proposal

Dear Hearings Official,

The 94-unit Lombard Apartment proposal should be denied:     *It is incompatible with state Goal 15 (Willamette River Greenway).     *It is inconsistent with street connectivity standards Eugene Code 7.4200 (1)(c), including the proposed access to/from River Road.     *It is lacking compliance with "clear & objective" standards of the Eugene Code as evidenced by the applicant's numerous requests for adjustments.

Public lands need public process!  --------------------------------------------

Thank you for supporting West Bank green spaces.