And Support Affordable Housing!

Help stop careless over-development on the Willamette Greenway. Protect our Open Space now, and for generations to come.

Over 3 acres of green space is poised for exploitation by Out-of-State, Pave-&-Run developers, failing to support local jobs and economy, destroying a treasured resource, and missing a golden opportunity for affordable housing.

Why is this bad?
  • 128 Parking spaces. 3 Stories. 94 Expensive, market-rate apartments. All in the Willamette River Greenway!

  • Public land purchased for affordable housing—20 years exempt from taxation—instead will be sold to a private developer.

  • Hundreds of additional car trips per day added to River Road, endangering pedestrians and cyclists.

  • The proposed complex prevents all direct access to the Ruth Bascom bike path, requres the removal of dozens of heritage trees, and paves over fertile, class 1 soils.

  • Public process has not been used to decide the fate of this precious public land.  

Who is the Developer?

Seattle-based Evergreen Housing Development Group, who has a track record of shoddy buildings and breaking promises with local neighborhoods. They built the expensive ECCO complex off River Road for $17 million and sold it 2 years later for $31 million! 

Do the Right Thing!
  • Lane County’s Housing Agency, Homes For Good, can terminate the Purchase & Sale Agreement. The sale may be legal but it’s morally & ethically wrong.

  • Initiate a public process immediately, balancing open space, quality affordable housing and community priorities.

  • Densification of Eugene and Lane County means a need for green space, proven to benefit health and well-being for humans and provide sanctuary for wildlife.

  • Homes For Good Board of Directors and Executive Director Jacob Fox should demonstrate leadership and restore the public trust in a public agency by acting in the public interest. 

VIEW PUBLIC RECORDS: site plans / land use documents

Here are 2 important ways you can help!

Get Involved!


Tell them to WALK AWAY from bad business with out-of-state developers who do not represent local interests. Tell them to instead support the community by implementing a public process for this public land, so it can continue to be of benefit to the city, all manner of people, wildlife, trees and the irreplaceable Willamette river.

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